This week's gallery is a small zoo in Duluth, MN, Lake Superior Zoo.  The zoo is extremely pretty with a rushing creek separating it.  The creek has a small hiking trail that is worth walking.  The real star of this visit was the Amur Tiger.  The tiger was moving around the enclosure and interacting with people who were watching it.  For being a small zoo, it has a lot going for it.  


Next week it will be off to Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  And I will also detail my plans as I only have this one gallery left in the Midwest region for now.  But plans are afoot to get all the rest this spring and summer.


Lake Superior Zoo



It was a very busy weekend so I am a bit late getting this update out.  This week I have the very nice Como Park Zoo and Marjorie McNeely Conservatory.  It was a late fall day and a bit overcast.  But it was a good trip.  The zoo stands out because of all of the trash sculptures, designed to show the impact of plastic containers.  I really enjoyed the conservatory as well.  And this week a new animal gallery, rhinos.


Next week I will be putting up the last of the Minnesota zoos I have for now.


Como Park Zoo



First, I want to thank you all for giving my site so much love.  It has been inspiring to see people enjoying the site and looking at the pictures.

Let me tell you a little more about what I have planned.  I have five more zoos to upload and then I will be done with the backlog.  I will try to get those done over the next few weeks.  It takes a couple of hours to tag all the photos and write the article.  But I should be done by the middle of March.  Just in time for me to start a new series of adventures.  

I also want to improve the animal pages by adding a little bit of information about each of the different animals.  As far as animal pages, go I have about 10 more to create.  Like the back log of zoos, I will add a few more each week until I finish all of the pages I want to create.

For my next adventures, I have four states I want to visit this spring and summer, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, and North Dakota.  All combined that will be 20 additional zoos.  That should keep me busy over the summer.  I want to make return trips to Saint Louis Zoo and Minnesota Zoo, as well.  Once I have finished all of that, then I will turn my attention to the picture book.  

The end result of all of this is going to be a picture book and guide to the zoos.  I want to have a few pages focused on each zoo and an animal section focused on several of the animals in common.  Basically it will be organized a lot like the site, which is one reason I put up the site to help me get organized.  

So stay tuned and keep coming back to see the animals.

While weather outside has been frightful this weekend, I have been diligently working on adding more content.  This week the final zoo from Missouri called Dickerson Park Zoo in Springfield, MO.  It was a delightful zoo that is has been on its way up.  I also added a couple more animal galleries, zebras and antelope.  Next week, I looking forward to adding another zoo and two more animal galleries, so stay tuned.


Dickerson Park Zoo - Springfield, MO