Today's picture is of a Red River Hog. This member of the pig family is native to the jungles of West Central Africa. They were one of several animals I discovered in my trips for the for the book. And I really enjoyed taking pictures of them. This fellow lives at the Kansas City Zoo in Kansas City, MO.

Hello Everyone! I am working on two projects this week.

First, I am trying to compile a list of the accredited zoos from list that are still open and those that are closed. At the moment judging from my feed, the smaller the zoo is the more likely it is to still be open. So stay tuned for that.

Second, I am going to try to compile as best I can a list of the activities zoos are doing to help families with children home from school. That list might take a bit longer. But I do know several are doing virtual tours, including the Cincinnati Zoo, which will start their programming this afternoon.

Stay safe and remember there are a lot of people out there who are going to be significantly impacted by this current situation, so help where you can.

Today's picture is a Clouded Leopard. They are the one of the larger species of cats which purr, because its hyoid bone is ossified. It is thought to be a transitional link between the big cats, like lions and tigers, and the other family of cats. It is easily recognizable because of its grayish coat.


So it has been another productive week for the book. The designer has the all the pictures and the text for the book so I should have the first preliminary designs back in a week or so. The other projects for the book are continuing as well. And everything seems to be on track for setting an actual release date soon.

The page is up over 800 likes, so thank you very much everyone. And please feel free to share the Picture of the Day and share the page with your friends. With everyone's help this is going to be a very successful launch.

I spent some time this week planning out my adventures for this summer. The travel season will start for me in just about two months from now. I am looking forward to being back on the road visiting more zoos and taking pictures to share.

It has been another wait for Friday to update my status week. My full time job as a programmer and system admin has kept me very busy this week. Today I received the final edited version of the book from my editor. She has done an amazing job transforming my rough draft. And today I am working on getting all the photographs converted to the final format for the designer. She starts on the interior design next week. And I am looking forward to see what she comes up with.

Things seem to moving along rapidly now as I get closer to being ready to publish. I have lots of effort going into making this a successful project. We are near 700 likes on the page and I want to say thank you to everyone who has taken the time to like the page. Please share it with your friends and family and feel free to share the "Pictures of the Day" as well.