It has been a busy week for me and more progress on the book. The designer finished the zoos section and is working on the Animals section. It looks really good. I will post a sample page later today. As with everything else, things are moving slower because of the current crisis.

I want to thank everyone for following the page and being interested in my project. The page is almost at 1700 followers. Remember keep sharing it and the Pictures of the Day. With your help, I can make it a big success.

And as always, please do what you can to help out your local zoo. Without attendance revenue, a lot of zoos are hurting right now. So become a member of your local zoo and if you can make a donation to help them out while the crisis continues.

We are all in this together.

Today's picture is of a swift fox. It is native to North American grasslands from northern Texas to Wyoming. They are closely related to the kit fox and arctic fox. Like most canids they are actually omnivores, with meat providing the bulk of their diet. The fox lives at the Lee G. Simmons Conservation Park and Wildlife Safari near Ashland, NE.

Today's picture is my absolute favorite animal to see at the zoo, otters. There are 13 different species of otter still alive. They always seem to be having a good time when I see them. This particular otter is an Asian small clawed otter, a rather common resident at zoos. It lives are the Minnesota Zoo in Apple Valley, MN.

Time for a little update. Things are in the home stretch for the book maybe a couple more weeks before I will be ready to publish. The designer is finishing up the layouts and I should have them on Sunday or Monday. Then it will be review and build and get ready to publish. I am right at 1400 likes for the page which is very exciting. Thank you all for support me and my project. It really does mean a lot to me. So keep sharing the page and the Pictures of the Day and maybe we can get to 2,000 by the time I am ready to publish.

Right now zoos all over the country are having a rough time. Please if you can become a member and just as import see if you can give your local accredited zoo a donation. I just posted the appeal for my local zoo and I have been trying to post the appeals when every I see them for other zoos. And keep watching the videos and reading the posts from the zoos. I know they appreciate all the likes and shares.

We are all in this together.