Today's picture is a swift fox. They are native to most of the states in the book, "Zoos of the Midwest". Its former range stretched over most of the Great Plains. And can still be found in the front range of the Rocky Mountains. An interesting thing about these little canids is their social organization, which is female centered. It is the females that maintain territories and the males live in them. This sleeping beauty lives at Sunset Zoo in Manhattan, KS.

Today's animal is another one of my favorites, the okapi. It is a close relative of the giraffe. It has the same long black tongue as a giraffe and a somewhat elongated neck. It is often called a living fossil as it has been around for about 18 million years. The okapi is endangered and its numbers are declining in the wild. This okapi lives at the Sedgwick County Zoo in Wichita, KS.

Today's animal is the Humbolt penguin. Penguins are definitely in my top ten favorite animals. The way they waddle around with they fancy dress is endearing. But once they get in the water they are dynamite. This penguin live in the Saint Louis Zoo in Saint Louis, MO. And apparently it is quite the groomer getting itself in tip top shape for the visitors.

Time for an update. It has been a busy week for me but mostly work and not the book. But I am making progress, which is good. I forgot to post the sample pages from the Animal section last week. So I will add the picture as soon as I finish the update. The editor finished proofing the Zoo section and I am ready to send it back to the designer for the updates. Maybe one more round of edits after this. And then it will be ready to go.

I want to thank everyone who has liked or followed the page. It is very heartening to see so much interest in my project. This week I am up over 2100. I am was trying to think of a good way to celebrate reaching my first goal of 2000 likes or follows. And I think the best way would be to make a donation of $50 to the accredited zoo that gets the most mentions on this post. So let the fun and games begin.

I will keep posting the appeals for donations and interesting posts from the zoos as I find them. And as always, please do what you can to help out your local zoo. Without attendance revenue, a lot of zoos are hurting right now. So become a member of your local zoo and if you can make a donation to help them out while the crisis continues.

We are all in this together.