Time for another update. I will say I am practically shaking as I type this. This morning I received the third and final draft from the designer. Everything is in order and I will be getting the publishing file for Amazon today or tomorrow. Which means in a couple of weeks, you can all get your very own copy of Zoos of the Midwest. I am so excited right now.

I hope everyone is enjoying the Pictures of the Day. It is exciting for me to see how much people are sharing them and liking them. Thank you very much and please keep sharing them. This week the page passed the 3000 mark for followers. Thank you all for following and support my project. And keep sharing the page and Pictures of the Day.

Still no word on when I can start in on my second book. I was hoping to have more information but zoos are being prudent and opening up slowly. My home zoo, Blank Park Zoo, is opening today with timed tickets and other precautions. Please remember the zoos are hurting right now. Most of their revenue comes from attendance which is zero right now. So become a member of your local accredited zoo and if you can make a donation to help support them in these difficult times. And remember when the book comes out, a portion of each sale will be donated to the zoos featured in the book.

We are all in this together.

Today's animal is the African wild dog. They are endangered because of habitat fragmentation in a few isolated pockets mostly in southern Africa. Because they are wide ranging predators they are under threat from diseases from domestic dogs. This dog lives at Rolling Hills Zoo in Salina, KS.

Today's animal is the African bush elephant. This species is something of a conservation success story, having moved from Endangered down to Vulnerable in the wild. Better management of the current populations and tourism have helped raise the status of elephants in local communities which has aided conservation efforts. This elephant lives at Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, NE.

Today's animal is the African penguin. They are members of a family of some what warm weather penguins. They are endangered in the wild because of global warming and over fishing of their primary food source, small fish like herring. These dapper penguins live at Roosevelt Park Zoo in Minot, ND.

Today's animal is the Addax. They are critically endangered, with a population of less than 100 in the wild. But all is not lost, there are over 700 in zoos around the world and another 5,000 in private collections. They are being reintroduced in parts of their former range such as Morocco and Tunisia to help the species make a comeback. This little one lived at Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines, IA when this picture was taken in June 2018.